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Cheap Arkansas SR22 Insurance: Rates & Facts

Arkansas SR22 Insurance: Compare Lowest Prices & Basic Info

SR22 insurance is a high risk insurance that many states require of DUI / DWI offenders. Arkansas does not require SR22 insurance after a DWI.

However, if you get a DWI in Arkansas, and you then move to another state, you may be required to purchase SR22 insurance to satisfy the requirements in that state. Likewise, if you get a DWI / DUI in another state, and you live in Arkansas, you may need to carry SR22 insurance to fulfill the requirements in the state where the incident happened.

If you are convicted of a DWI and it is your first or second offense, the court may order you to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in your vehicle. If it is your third or subsequent DWI, the court will order you to install an IID in your vehicle. You will be restricted to interlock driving for one year from the date of your driver’s license reinstatement.

Below, we will cover all the typical and cheapest sr22 insurance rates in Arkansas based on through research. It covers rates by city (liablity and full coverage), cheapest carriers by city

SR-22 Insurance Rates in Arkansas – by City (Liability Only)

Following are average monthly rates for sr22 insurance in Arkansas based on a typical driver profile. Further on we’ll explore sample rates for those with full coverage.

City Price
Monticello $94.00
Arkadelphia $105.00
Blytheville $93.00
Hope $99.00
East End $103.00
Malvern $110.00
Walnut Ridge $99.00
Pea Ridge $105.00
Cabot $94.00
Marion $100.00
Cherokee Village $97.00
Greenbrier $100.00
Ward $95.00
White Hall $96.00
Morrilton $104.00
Mountain Home $92.00
Wynne $93.00
Lowell $99.00
Benton $87.00
Maumelle $99.00
Clarksville $104.00
De Queen $89.00
Springdale $104.00
Hot Springs $87.00
Texarkana $87.00
Dardanelle $89.00
Piney $90.00
Beebe $99.00
Bryant $105.00
Pine Bluff $90.00
Forrest City $94.00
Prairie Grove $88.00
Osceola $108.00
Barling $92.00
Harrison $90.00
Vilonia $102.00
Helena-West Helena $96.00
Hot Springs Village $92.00
Warren $108.00
North Little Rock $103.00
Russellville $106.00
Berryville $88.00
Jonesboro $92.00
Bella Vista $91.00
Fort Smith $88.00
Magnolia $107.00
Centerton $94.00
West Memphis $88.00
Rogers $90.00
Stuttgart $102.00
Rockwell $97.00
Fayetteville $92.00
Siloam Springs $101.00
Paragould $110.00
Heber Springs and Farmington $106.00
Sheridan $95.00
Haskell $89.00
Greenwood $93.00
Trumann $110.00
Conway $99.00
Alma $91.00
Mena $109.00
El Dorado $96.00
Batesville $92.00

SR-22 Insurance Rates in Arkansas – by City (full coverage)

Full coverage consists of Comprehensive and Collision. Comprehensive covers fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage, and impact with an animal. Collision covers impact with another vehicle or object.

City Price
Berryville $176
Hot Springs Village $151
Trumann $177
Ward $167
Bentonville $160
Greenwood $167
Pocahontas $169
Greenbrier $168
Maumelle $147
Helena-West Helena $182
Walnut Ridge $182
Batesville $155
Prairie Grove $180
Barling $162
Newport $177
East End $159
Mountain Home $164
Searcy $151
Clarksville $172
Benton $147
Jacksonville $154
Fort Smith $181
Magnolia $160
Stuttgart $169
Gibson $151
Marion $156
Springdale $154
Paragould $178
Malvern $168
Haskell $175
Lowell $150
Rogers $153
El Dorado $175
Conway $164
Dardanelle $170
Fayetteville $160
White Hall $146
Rockwell $160
Morrilton $146
Pine Bluff $169
Van Buren $182
Centerton $172
Harrison $174
Jonesboro $172
Bryant $155
Pea Ridge $158
Piney $154
Bella Vista $176
Osceola $157
Alma $168
Blytheville $176
Sheridan $182
West Memphis $176
Hope $164
Vilonia $163
Monticello $174
Arkadelphia $151
North Little Rock $147
Warren $162
Camden $172

SR-22 Insurance Rates By Carrier in Arkansas – Liability Only

The following demonstrates rates based on our methodology of an average driver with an SR22.

Company SR22 Liability (average)
Progressive Insurance $86.00
National General $80.00
Bristol West $106.00
Acceptance RTR $69.00
Liberty Mutual $83.00
AssuranceAmerica $119.00
GAINSCO $101.00
Dairyland $60.00
Mendota Ins. Company $104.00
Geico $97.00
Farmers $75.00

Other local/national brokers/agents offering SR22 insurance in Arkansas include: Freeway Insurance, The General, Campbell Company, Root, and others.

Cheapest SR-22 Insurance Companies in Arkansas, by City

The following comanies offer specialized support for SR-22 filings. Note that many companies do not offer SR-22 because they are considered high risk.

City Price
Pocahontas Progressive
Prairie Grove Liberty Mutual
Siloam Springs Liberty Mutual
Harrison The General
Clarksville Geico
Sheridan Progressive
Wynne Bristol West
Alma Geico
Pine Bluff The General
Mountain Home The General
Helena-West Helena Progressive
Bentonville Geico
Greenbrier Geico
Centerton Progressive
Mena Geico
Walnut Ridge Progressive
Beebe Geico
Ward The General
Texarkana Dairyland*
Lowell Progressive
Piney Liberty Mutual
Paragould The General
Russellville Geico
Dardanelle The General
Cherokee Village Geico
Jonesboro The General
Rockwell The General
Jacksonville Dairyland*
Heber Springs and Farmington The General
Conway Liberty Mutual
Van Buren Liberty Mutual
Hot Springs Village National General
Barling The General
Crossett Geico
Trumann The General
Forrest City Geico
Vilonia Bristol West
Cabot Dairyland*
East End Progressive
Greenwood Liberty Mutual
De Queen Progressive
Morrilton Progressive
Osceola Geico
Fayetteville Liberty Mutual
North Little Rock Geico
Berryville The General
Pea Ridge The General
Marion National General
Rogers Liberty Mutual
Batesville The General
Malvern The General
Searcy Liberty Mutual
Warren The General
Stuttgart The General
Camden The General
Hot Springs Farmers
White Hall The General
Blytheville Geico
Gibson Geico
Springdale Farmers
El Dorado The General
Fort Smith Geico
Bella Vista The General
West Memphis Dairyland*
Bryant Geico
Little Rock Progressive
Monticello The General
Hope Progressive
Newport Geico
Magnolia Progressive
Arkadelphia Bristol West
Sherwood Progressive
Haskell Progressive

Cheapest SR-22 Insurance Companies in Arkansas, Overall (Full Coverage)

If you need full coverage and an SR-22 filing, don’t worry you can get both on the same policy! Below are rates per Carrier.

Company SR22 Full Coverage (average)
Dairyland $173.00
GAINSCO $196.00
Bristol West $181.00
Progressive $172.00
Liberty Mutual $208.00
Mendota Ins. Company $190.00
Acceptance RTR $203.00
Farmers $186.00
National General $189.00

Companies That Offer SR-22 Insurance in Arkansas

Filling out our quote form will get you the fastest quotes from many or the insurance carriers below since they are not “captive” meaning they sell most of their policies through brokers and independant agents.

Company SR22 Offered
Bristol West yes
Farmers yes
Acceptance RTR yes
Geico yes
Mendota Ins. Company yes
Progressive Insurance yes
Dairyland yes
National General yes
AssuranceAmerica yes

Who is Required to Carry SR22 Car Insurance in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, drivers who are considered high risk may need to file an SR-22 auto insurance form, also known as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility. Such drivers include those who have committed a driving violation and have had their license suspended. You could need an Arkansas SR22 insurance policy for the following reasons:

  • Conviction for driving under the influence (DUI or DWI)
  • Driving without car insurance
  • Driving with a revoked or suspended license
  • Having repeated traffic violations in a certain amount of time, including speeding tickets
  • Numerous at-fault accidents
  • A fatal at-fault accident or one that results in injuries
  • Reckless or dangerous driving
  • Assignment from a court order
  • Failure to pay fines from tickets
  • Refused consent to breathalyzer or blood alcohol test

Even if you don’t have a car and you wish to drive in Arkansas but have an SR-22 requirement, you’ll need a non-owner SR-22 insurance policy. You will have to check with your insurance provider about non-owner or an operator insurance policy.

Arkansas Insurance SR22 – Non-Owners (No Vehicle)

If you do not own a vehicle, you can purchase a Named Operator policy or Non-Owners policy. This will insure the named insured for the minimum liability requirements by law, and you can add the SR-22 attachment to that policy, which will inform the state of the insurance.

How do Arkansas SR-22 Insurance Rates Compare with Regular Insurance Rates?

If you are required to have an SR-22 insurance policy, your auto insurance rates may increase because you’re considered a high-risk or non-standard driver. However, the cost of car insurance can vary from company to company and by state. Additional factors that go into the cost of SR22 insurance include your age, gender, location, credit score, vehicle type, marital status, and so on.

One of the most common reasons drivers need SR22 insurance is because of a DUI. On average, drivers with one DUI conviction in Arkansas pay $1,714 per year for car insurance. That’s 53 percent more than car insurance for a driver with a clean driving record. However, the cost you pay differs significantly based on the company you buy car insurance from

At SR22 Insurance, we have a 5 step quote process to streamline your search and make things easier for you.

All you have to do is input specific details and we will generate your quotation right there and then. Our form will guide you through the process. You’ll get your quote fast.

The property damage will provide coverage for the driver and
whomever is driving the vehicle in the case of an accident.

If you or a family member are driving and involved in a accident the insurance company will pay for damages occurred from the accident up to $25,000. If there is damages above and beyond that you will be responsible for the remaining money owed.

Regardless of your driving history, we’re here to help. Ready to get started? Sit back, relax,
and discover an easier way to get the coverage you need.

Non-Owner SR22 Insurance in Arkansas

SR22 insurance is a special liability insurance that many states require of certain “high-risk” drivers. Arkansas only requires SR22 insurance of someone who has been convicted of vehicular homicide.

What if you don’t own a car, truck or motorcycle and need SR22 insurance? Non owner SR22 insurance Arkansas is a financial responsibility certificate you’ll file to reinstate your license. It insures only one person with liability-only coverage when driving a non-owned vehicle. If you’re at fault in an accident, it will pay claims made by the other party, after the vehicle owner’s insurance has reached its coverage limits.

SR-22 Limits in Arkansas

All drivers in Arkansas must have liability coverage. An SR-22 form verifies to Arkansas that you have at least the minimum amount of liability car insurance coverage required in Arkansas. If you need Arkansas SR22 insurance, you need to have at least the following liability coverage and limits:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage per accident

What Happens if I Fail to Maintain my SR-22?

  • Failure to maintain proof of financial responsibility will result in your insurance company sending an SR-26 to the state advising that your policy is canceled.
  • This will result in your driving privilege being suspended again, and
  • the period for which you will need to provide SR-22s will start from zero again.

For example, you are notified that your driving privilege has been suspended until you file an SR-22, and you will have to prove financial responsibility for three years following the initial filing. You cause an SR-22 to be submitted and, because you failed to pay an installment on your premium, your policy has been canceled after six months. An SR-24 gets filed and your driving privilege is again suspended until you prove financial responsibility. You get another policy and SR-22 issued. You will have to keep filing SR-22s for three years after the second SR-22 is filed.

DUI and SR-22 in Arkansas

If you are convicted of a DUI in Arkansas, chances are you will be required to carry a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, also known as SR-22. The amount of time depends upon the number of convictions. The first conviction will require the SR-22 for 3 years, 2nd conviction will require 5 years, 3rd the conviction could be 10 years.

State Insurance Requirements In Arkansas

The minimum liability requirements are as follows:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50,000 per occurrence
  • $25,000 for property damage.


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