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Can I Get a Quote for Non-Owners SR22 Insurance?

Motorists can be required to acquire an SR-22 certificate from the state of residence where a driver’s license is held. This requirement is not auto insurance, but rather proof that adequate insurance coverage has been purchased through an auto insurance provider. A motorist cannot acquire this certificate directly from the state. Minimum limits of insurance coverage must be maintained at all times. Failure to comply with the SR-22 mandate will result in loss of driving privileges. At times, the licensed motorist will be required to carry an SR-22 even when he does not own a vehicle. This situation is considered a non-owners SR-22 certificate. Quotes for a non-owners SR-22 insurance policy are available when you enter your Zip code in the space provided.

Why an SR-22 Certificate is Required

Currently, eight states do not use the SR-22 Certificate of Financial Responsibility, including Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, North Carolina, New York, New Mexico, Minnesota, Kentucky and Delaware. In the other 42 states, a driver can be required, by law, to apply for the SR-22 certificate if one of the following occurs:

• Failure to carry the minimum amount of liability insurance as required by the state

• Conviction operating a motor vehicle without insurance

• Being involved in a car accident while driving without insurance

• Conviction of DUI or other major alcohol offense

• Reckless driving conviction or other serious moving violation

• Racking up an excessive number of DMV points against the driving record

• Receiving the label of “habitual traffic offender”

• While driver’s license is suspended, the need arises for the driver to apply for a hardship, or probationary, driving permit

• Reinstating the driving license following a revocation or suspension

The insurance company files the SR-22 certificate with the state when sufficient auto insurance coverage is purchased. Major traffic violations are considered irresponsible. The state can require a driver to demonstrate responsible behavior prior to granting the permission to drive.

Non-Owner SR22

A driver can be required to carry the SR-22 certificate even if a vehicle is not in the driver’s ownership. The non-owner’s version of the certificate is issued if the driver does not have access to a car to insure. Another person in the family cannot own a vehicle that is available for the driver’s use. In this situation, an owner’s policy would be required.

Additional Facts About Non-Owner SR-22

A driver who is required to carry an SR-22 certificate must purchase adequate auto insurance coverage and the certificate through an insurance company licensed in the state. The certificate will not increase the cost of the insurance, but the traffic violation can cause the insurer to increase the rates.

A non-owner’s auto insurance policy is required to verify that the driver accepts financial responsibility for the driving privilege. The policy provides bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage up to the stated amount on the policy. Damage to the vehicle is not covered under this policy. The driver must verify that collision and comprehensive coverage exists on the vehicle to cover physical damage to the car.

In some states, the non-owner’s insurance will offer coverage for medical payments, uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist options.

Prior to purchasing the insurance policy, the driver must notify the insurance company about the SR-22 requirement. Not all insurance companies underwrite drivers who are under an SR-22 requirement.

The driver under the SR-22 mandate must sustain auto insurance coverage at all times for the number of months or years stated in the court order. Failure to comply can result in termination of the driver’s license. Reinstatement of the driving license can carry severe penalties and extension of the SR-22 requirement.

SR-22 Certificate Acquisition

Some drivers believe that an insurance company will underwrite a policy without fulfilling the SR-22 certificate mandate. The driving record is reviewed during the application process. Presence of any severe driving violation alerts the insurance company to the need for an SR-22 certificate. Ownership of a vehicle is not necessary for the insurance company to check the driving record.

Certain insurance companies refuse to underwrite auto insurance for drivers with an SR-22 requirement. This choice is made for various business reasons, including control over the amount of acceptable risk in the insurance pools. Rates for all drivers are affected by the risk level accepted during the underwriting process. Drivers will have to find an insurance company that will request the SR-22 certificate from the issuing state.

A driver with a recent conviction might have existing auto insurance that will be cancelled when the insurance company checks the driving record. Immediately following a traffic conviction, the driver must contact the insurance company and discuss the situation.

Cost of SR-22 Certificate of Responsibility

Again, auto insurance rates are set through the underwriting process of the insurance provider. The rates quoted are for the insurance. The driving conviction plays a significant role in the risk level perceived by the insurance company. The SR-22 certificate does not increase the cost of auto insurance.

The insurance company will require a one-time payment for the filing fee associated with the SR-22 certificate. This fee varies by state, but it is between $15 and $50. Most states charge a filing fee of $25.

Final Evaluation

Drivers who are required to carry a non-owner’s SR-22 certificate can find helpful auto insurance quotes online. The most important factor is to remember that some insurance companies will not offer auto insurance to “high risk” drivers. Existing auto insurance policies can be cancelled at any time if the insurance company perceives too much risk.

State authorities can require any driver to demonstrate responsible behavior through the SR-22 certificate mandate. Non-compliance with this requirement will lead to significant penalties that can include revoking the driving privileges.

The best non-owner’s SR-22 auto insurance quotes are available from many different insurers. Rates are set by each insurance company based on their willingness to accept the risk presented by drivers in various classes. All drivers in the class will pay comparable rates based on the perceived risk of loss.


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