Safe Spring Break 2021: Sun, Slopes or Service, Make the Break Safe!

Make the Pledge to Make the Break Safe!,

The BACCHUS Network encourages you to have a Safe Spring Break this year. Whatever your plans are, make sure they include these tips:
• Remember, impairment begins with the first drink. Choose not to drink if you are driving, or be safe with a designated driver.
• Wear your seatbelt. Always. It’s your best protection in a crash.
• Distracted driving is dangerous. Park the car to check mobile devices.
• Respect other peoples’ right, and your own, to choose not to drink.
• Respect state laws and campus policies.
• Stay out of dangerous situations involving alcohol, whether in a car, bar or bedroom.
• If a friend drinks to the point of passing out, alcohol poisoning is a real danger. If you’re concerned, seek medical attention. Better safe than sorry!

Take the pledge! By reading the following and sharing your pledge on Twitter or Facebook, you agree to Make the Break Safe!

• I promise not to drink and drive during Spring Break, or let any of my friends get behind the wheel impaired.
• I will not ride in a car when the driver has been drinking.
• I will wear my seatbelt, whether I’m the driver or passenger.
• I will focus on my driving when behind the wheel and not be distracted by mobile devices, music or passengers.
• I will watch out for my friends, take care of myself, and do what I can to plan for a Safe Spring Break!

Students from colleges and universities with a registered BACCHUS Network group who take the pledge using the above widget between March 1 and April 5, 2013 will be entered to win one of ten $25 gift cards.

We encourage BACCHUS members to share this page at awareness tables and events.

Dear BACCHUS Peer Educators and Advisers:

Welcome to the 2013 Safe Spring Break Campaign. Since Spring Break often coincides with opportunities for increased travel home, to service trips, or to vacation destinations and time to relax with friends, this year’s campaign reminds everyone to Make the Break Safe!

Your BACCHUS Safe Spring Break toolkit is full of everything you need year-round prevention efforts. You can order promotional items to support your campaign efforts on campus. This campaign is an opportunity to get important information out to students during the week or two prior to Spring Break on topics such as personal safety, highway safety, alcohol, impaired driving, sleep and sun safety.

Only BACCHUS affiliates have access to the full campaign resources.

Not an Affiliate?

You can still shop for popular educational giveaway items:

Stadium Cups
Car Air Freshners on Distracted Driving
Lotion Packets
Campaign posters for classrooms, residences and student center
Educational pamphlets on impaired driving, alcohol poisoning, predatory drugs, tips on sipping

Gain full access to our campaigns, assessment tools, and receive discounts by becoming a BACCHUS affiliate! Learn more about starting a peer education group on your campus!

This Spring Break, Make the Break Safe!


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