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Cheap SR22 Insurance Connecticut: Rates & Costs Compared

We’ve Uncovered the Cheapest SR-22 Insurance Companies & Rates in CT

A Connecticut SR22 car insurance filing is often required for drivers who have lost their licenses due to DUI or other legal infractions in order to have their licenses reinstated. The Connecticut SR22 car insurance form is a document verifying that the licensed individual carries at least the minimum amount of coverage required in the state of Connecticut – $25,000 in personal liability coverage per injured person, $50,000 in personal liability maximum per incident, and $25,000 in property damage liability per incident. Failure to carry the mandatory minimum liability insurance can result in significant penalties from the DMV and failure to maintain insurance can lead to the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges.

A Connecticut SR-22 car insurance filing is separate from the normal proof-of-insurance documents provided by insurance carriers, but serves much the same purpose, providing the state of Connecticut with a means of more closely keeping track of Connecticut insurance policies. The SR22 must be carried at all times by the driver, just like regular auto insurance. In addition to this, the SR22 form will need to be filed with the auto insurance policy to the DMV.

Cheapest Average SR-22 Insurance Companies in Connecticut

Company Average Annual Rate
USAA $556
State Farm $612
GEICO $871
Esurance $944
Allstate $948
Travelers $1,049
Nationwide $1,141
American Family $1,180
Farmers $1,329
Progressive $1,460
MetLife $1,771

Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance Rates by Company in CT

While most drivers probably own a car and need ordinary SR22 insurance, non-owner is used for those who do not.

Company Annual Average Rate
USAA $370
GEICO $391
Travelers $504
State Farm $566
Nationwide $941
Farmers $1,527
Progressive $1,668
MetLife $2,175

Cheapest SR22 Insurance Rates by City (Averages)

Now, moving to another city to save on auto insurance isn’t the brightest idea, but we include this here since people want to know.

  • Bridgeport
  • New Haven
  • Hartford
  • Stamford
  • Waterbury
  • Norwalk
  • Danbury
  • New Britain
  • Bristol
  • Meriden
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How Much Does Connecticut SR-22 Insurance Cost?

Insurance with an SR-22 in Connecticut can be expensive. This isn’t a direct cost of the SR-22 — filing fees usually total $15 to $35 — but a product of the insurance rate increases caused by the citation that necessitated the SR-22. Insurers bill risky drivers more expensive premiums to account for the increased risk of an incident. The rate increase you’ll receive will depend on the severity and number of your infractions. SR-22 rates are not uncommonly 25% – 75% more expensive than traditional policies. Yikes!

What is the 4-Step Process to Obtaining an SR-22 Insurance Policy and SR-22 form in CT?

1. Find an insurer that will work with SR-22’s

Most insurers today do not offer sr-22 insurance because they are deemed to be high risk drivers. This means a limited set of options for drivers. Fortunately, we offer just that: Access to most major companies that will insure SR-22 drivers.

2. Pay the SR-22 fee

Fees vary from company to company, but they tend to be relatively nominal, usually $15 – $50. Filing fees in this state typically range from _ to _

3. Verify minimum liability coverage

It’s no surprise then that, due to state requirements, the state’s minimum liability requirements must be met or exceeded in order to complete the SR-22 process.

4. Submit your SR-22

Actually, the insurance company you sign up with will file in your behalf with the DMV.

Who needs to have sr22 insurance

1. If you are currently insured:

2. If you are currently uninsured:

3. Non-owner: If you do not own a vehicle

Do I Still Need SR22 Insurance if I Don’t Drive?

This depends. Some states require an owner to have insurance regardless if they drive it.

Can You Drive Someone Else’s Car with SR22?

Yes, this typically requires a “non-owner SR22 insurance” policy.

How do I File an SR-22 in Connecticut?

The company handling your car insurance in can file an SR-22 with the state at your request. Having an SR-22 added to your auto insurance policy in _ only costs a one-time fee of $25, but it increases your annual premium depending on the severity of your violation. Since drivers requiring SR-22 insurance are considered high risk, some car insurance companies may choose not to cover you.

What Happens if I Let my SR-22 Coverage Lapse?

If your coverage lapses at any point while you have an SR-22 on file, your insurance company is required to let your state or DMV know that you’re uninsured. Once this happens, you may have a short grace period to provide proof of insurance if the state allows one. Otherwise, your SR-22 term will start over and legal penalties may apply.

For example, if you’ve maintained SR-22 coverage for two out of the three years required, a lapse in coverage causes your mandatory term to reset. That means three more years of paying for an SR-22, costing you more in money and time.

Failure to report any changes in policy to the DMV will result in a warning, and then possibly a fine or license suspension. As with many other states, Connecticut requires their drivers to have a minimum amount of liability insurance. If these requirements are not met, then a court order to obtain an SR22 insurance policy will be mandated. A policy is also required for any offense that occurs on their roads. These offenses can be from causing an accident, failing to provide proof of insurance, or driving while intoxicated. In Connecticut, punishment for all offenses are the same, regardless of severity. All of the above will require the acquisition of a policy for a minimum of three years. This goes for first offenders as well.

How Long do You Need SR22 in CT?

Typically an SR-22 will last 3 years, however this can increase if you get more traffic violations, and especially if you are convicted for more serious crimes like DUI/DWI.

What Do I Do with My SR22 Certificate?

Frame it. Okay, seriously, nothing. Your insurance company will take care of the filings.

Which Companies in CT Offer SR-22 Insurance?

These carriers are not the only way people shop for SR22 insurance. Some prefer the small broker or independent agent approach. In CT, we researched and discovered a handful of such agents that include: New Have SR Drivers Insurance Solutions, Action Auto Insurance Agency, American National Casualty Brokerage, The Insurance Store of CT, State Wide Insurance, Edward J McMahon Insurance, and several others.

Are There any SR-22 Fees in CT?

As mentioned above, fees typically range from $15 – $50, depending on the insurer.

How Do You Know When Your CT SR22 is Over?

To get sr22 removed, you simply must wait the state’s required length of time. However, if further violations, lapses of insurance renewal, and other issues occur, you may reset or lengthen the amount of time needed for the SR22.

What Are the Minimum Insurance Limits in CT for SR-22 Drivers?

The property damage will provide coverage for the driver and whomever is driving the vehicle in the case of an accident.

If you or a family member are driving and involved in a accident the insurance company will pay for damages occurred from the accident up to $25,000. If there is damages above and beyond that you will be responsible for the remaining money owed.

Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Requirements for CT

An ignition interlock device (IID) is a device that prevents your car from starting if it registers alcohol on your breath or if you refuse to give a breath sample. Connecticut requires IID for all drivers after an alcohol-related suspension. How long it is required varies. You will be required to pay a $175 restoration fee and a $100 administration fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

According to principle analyst Paul Frisman,

  • first-time offenders can drive only interlock-equipped vehicles for one year after their license suspension ends; second-time offenders can drive only these vehicles for three years following a suspension.
  • The law additionally requires second-time offenders, during the first year of the three-year interlock period, to drive these vehicles only to (1) work, (2) school, (3) a drug or alcohol treatment program, or (4) an interlock service center.
  • DMV must revoke the license of a driver convicted of DUI for a third time. By law, until January 1, 2013, a third-time offender may seek restoration of his or her license after six years. Once restored, he or she must drive only interlock-equipped vehicles for 10 years. Starting January 1, 2013, however, the law allows the (1) offender to seek restoration of his or her license after two years and (2) commissioner to restore it on the condition that the driver operate only interlock-equipped vehicles for as long as he or she drives. (After 15 years of driving these vehicles, the offender may ask that this condition be lifted, and the commissioner may do so after a hearing and for good cause.)


In the state of Connecticut, an SR22 insurance certificate is required when a driver fails to provide proof of insurance, commits a criminal offense while driving, or fails to meet filing requirements as determined by the Connecticut Division of Motor Vehicles. A Connecticut SR22 insurance form simply shows that the driver has created a financial obligation with the insurance company. This obligation shows the DMV that the driver will have insurance in the present and in the future. The SR22 must be carried at all times by the driver, just like regular auto insurance. In addition to this, the SR22 form will need to be filed with the auto insurance policy to the DMV.

We operate in all 50 states. No matter where you live, we can help you find great SR22 insurance.


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