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Illinois SR22 Insurance

Illinois SR22 Insurance

SR22 Insurance in Illinois

In Illinois, an SR-22 is a document that your insurance company files on your behalf with the Illinois Driver Services Department, which certifies that you carry at least the state-required car insurance coverage. Drivers in Illinois are required to file SR-22 forms in order to have their licenses reinstated after being convicted of one of a few serious driving offenses. Even if you don’t own a vehicle, if your license has been suspended, you will need to file an SR-22 in order to have it reinstated—which you can do by purchasing nonowner SR-22 insurance.

If you have to get an SR-22, it’s because you have been deemed an at-risk driver, and the State of Illinois wants to be sure that you are being responsible behind the wheel by maintaining insurance coverage. You can be required to get an SR-22 for a variety of reasons.

Typically, SR22 certification is required for the following situations:

  • DUI or DWI or any serious moving violation
  • At-fault accidents while driving without insurance
  • Repeat traffic offenses or many tickets in a short time period
  • License suspension or revoked license
  • Multiple smaller traffic infractions, like speeding or running a red light
  • Driving without insurance three or more times
  • Being at fault in an accident while driving without insurance
  • Failure to pay damages after you were at fault in an accident
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Failure to continuously maintain a previous SR-22 for three years
  • Excessive tollway fare evasions

How do I get SR-22 insurance?

You can obtain your SR-22 form, or Certificate of Financial Responsibility, from your auto insurance company upon purchasing your policy. The Illinois Secretary of State’s office will notify you if you need an SR-22. Then, contact an auto insurance company to get your SR-22 insurance quotes. Be aware that not all insurance companies provide SR-22 insurance, so you’ll need to find one that does.

Once you’ve secured an auto insurance policy, your insurance company will file an SR-22 form with the Illinois Secretary of State office. The SR-22 form can be filed as a paper document or electronically. After the form has been filed and processed, the state of Illinois will notify you. You will have your driver’s license and vehicle registration (if applicable) reinstated.

The property damage will provide coverage for the driver and
whomever is driving the vehicle in the case of an accident.

If you or a family member are driving and involved in a accident the insurance company will pay for damages occurred from the accident up to $25,000. If there is damages above and beyond that you will be responsible for the remaining money owed.

Regardless of your driving history, we’re here to help. Ready to get started? Sit back, relax,
and discover an easier way to get the coverage you need.

Illinois Filing Terms

SR22 Insurance must be maintained for three years following many offenses. The filing period usually begins after the driver is eligible to obtain a restricted driver’s license. However, they are qualified to get a judicial driving permit if this is their first violation and they are 21 years of age and above. They could file for this permit at the beginning of the second month of their suspension.

Clients are required to file an SR22 only once. This insurance proof will remain active as long as the policy holder does not cancel their policy within the three year term. The best method to prevent this from happening is to renew the policy 45 days before its due date. This also gives the insurance company enough time to inform the DMV that their client is still driving legally.

Other Ways of Showing Proof of Being Financially Responsible

Aside from having an SR22 certificate, individuals who are living in Illinois also have the option to deposit securities or $55,000 in cash with the Illinois State Treasury or submit a real estate security bond that is worth $55,000 or more.

Illinois SR22 Insurance Page Updated 7/20/2020
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