Your Drunk Driving Stories


“I Can’t Believe I Made it Home”

“Should she be driving right now?” I heard come from the back seat of
my car, as me and some friends were on our way home from a concert.
I only had a few drinks, I was fine, I remember thinking. I didn’t know
my life was about to change in a way I never would have expected.

When I arrived home and walked into my house that night, I heard my
little sister yell from the couch “did you get the call?” She told me that
my grandpa was hit by a drunk driver and was taken to Hennepin

County Medical Center (HCMC). Walking in to see my grandpa for the
first time after the accident is a sight I’ll never forget.

He was in the ICU, a big room with two rows of beds, filled with people
fighting for their lives. I couldn’t see my grandpa. He wasn’t there. The
nurse stopped at a bed and a body lay there, covered in bandages from
head to toe. That wasn’t him. His head was swollen the size of a
basketball, and he only had one leg. The parts of his face that showed,
were unrecognizable. Where was his nose? Where were his eyes? Were
they still on the street where his life was taken? The next few days that
followed the accident were full of countless surgeries and meetings
with doctors.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and still no life
came from the mangled body that once was my grandpa. He was in a
hospital bed for a total of two months, completely lifeless.

Since he was declared brain dead by the doctors, we were faced with
the difficult decision to honor his living will and take him off life
support. The worst part of the situation was that the man that hit him
was just fine, not a scratch, not a bruise. When it comes to drinking and
driving, most people in our society do not think about the true
consequence and all risks they are taking when they get behind the
wheel while intoxicated. Most people are not thinking about taking
someone’s life. In the United States, drunk driving is the leading

The most interesting and fortunate part of it all is that the doctors has
declared Him dead and about to move Him to morgue when suddenly
He came to live,and that is after six months of lying on the hospital bed
undergoing series of Tests and treatments.

Can you see its Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are many situations similar to grandpa’s, and in a lot of them, no
one survives. Because of all the death and tragedy as a result of driving
under the influence of alcohol, I feel that there should be an increased
punishment if caught.

The legal definitions of “driving” and “drunk” are open to many
interpretations, which vary greatly from state to state. In some places,
“driving” can include sitting still in a parked or wrecked vehicle with the
motor off, or starting up a car in a driveway. Police can and do arrest
people whom they believe are drunk before they get on the road and
even when they’ve pulled off to “sleep it off,” just if they’re in the
driver’s seat.

Story by: GSDollars


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